巴菲特英文名言巴菲特英文名言 巴菲特英文名言 1、我只做我完全明白的事。

i only do i fully understand。


investors today are not profit from yesterday”s growth。


in the event of a nuclear war, please ignore this event。


interest rates is like the gravity on the investment。


any things cannot forever development, will eventually die。


with my thoughts and your money, we can do well。


don”t ever ask the barber whether you need a haircut。



when others fear i greed, the greedy when i fear。


success, such as start, do not have to find his way。10、投资对于我来说,既是一种运动,也是一种娱乐。

investment for me, is not only a sport, is also a kind of entertainment。


i started at eleven巴菲特十大名言, capital allocation, this work until now。


we don”t have to slaughter dragon, need to avoid they can do well。


we should focus on what”s going on, not when did it happen。


our job is to focus on what we know, it is very, very important。


the current financial courses may only make agent every thing to help you。

巴菲特的英文名言警句 1、一定要在自己的理解力允许的范围内投资。


2、must be in their own understanding allows within the scope of investment。


4、only when the tide goes out, you will know who has been swimming naked。


6、i always know i”m rich, i didn”t have the slightest doubt about this。7、投资必须是理性的。如果你不能理解它,就不要做。

8、investment must be rational。

if you can”t understand it, you don”t do it。


10、have a stock, looking forward to it the next morning rise is very stupid。

11、不要投资一门蠢人都可以做的生意,因为终有一日蠢人都会这样 做。

12、don”t invest a fool can do the business, because one day a fool who will do it。


14、although i also live on income, but i have a crush process would achieve more than income。


16、habits of the chain before heavy to fracture, always light that is difficult to detect。



18、start saving and investment as early as possible, this is most important to develop good habits。


20、want to in the stock market is engaged in the band operation is doing god, not people do。

21、投资并非一个智商为160的人就一定能击败智商为130的人的游戏。22、the investment is not an iq of 160 person we will be able to beat with an iq of 130 games。


24、if you don”t want to have a stock for ten years, then don”t consider have it for 10 minutes。


26、only the value of the stock forecasting experts, is to make the fortune-teller looks good。

27、那些最好的买卖,刚开始的时候,从数字上看,几乎都会告诉你 不要买。

28、the best buy and sell, in the beginning, numerically, almost always tell you not to buy it。

29、如果市场总是有效的,我只会成为一个在大街上手拎马口铁罐的 流浪汉。

30、if the market is always effective, i will only be one on the street carrying a tin case of tramp。

巴菲特英语句子带翻译 1、我所想要的并不是金钱。我觉得赚钱并看着它慢慢增多是一件很 有趣的事情。

2、what i want is not money。


i think to make money and watch it slowly rise is a very interesting thing。

3、这些数字就是我未来所拥有的财富,虽然我现在没有这么多,但 总有一天我会赚到的。

4、these numbers which i have future wealth, though i wasn”t so much, but one day i will earn。5、一群旅鼠在意见分歧时,和华尔街那群利己的个人主义者没有两 样。

6、when a group of lemmings disagreement, and the same as on wall street, the group of selfish individualists。


8、you can know a lot of the prophet from the prediction information, but received little in the future。

9、波克夏就像是商业界的大都会美术馆,我们偏爱收集当代最伟大 的企业。

10、berkshire is like the metropolitan museum of the business, we prefer to collect the greatest contemporary enterprises。

11、伟大企业的定义如下:在25年或30年仍然能够保持其伟大企业地 位的企业。

12、great companies are defined as follows:

in 25 or 30 years are still able to maintain its position of great enterprises。

13、我们的目标是使我们持股合伙人的利润来自于企业,而不是其他 共有者的愚蠢行为。

14、our goal is to make our shareholding partners profit comes from companies, rather than other common foolish behavior。

15、我不会以我挣来的钱衡量我的生命的价值。其他人也许会这么做, 但我当然不会。

16、i won”t to me the money to measure the value of my life。


others may do so, but i certainly don”t。

17、如果我们不能在自己有信心的范围内找到需要的,我们不会扩大 范围。我们只会等待。18、if we don”t have confidence in myself found within the scope of the need, we will not expand scope。

we will only wait。

19、在生活中,我不是最爱欢迎的,但也不是最令人讨厌的人。我哪 一种人都不属于。

20、in life, i am not favorite, but it is not the most disgusting people。

which kind of people do not belong to me。

21、如果你已经这么做了,你可能会比企业的管理层对这家企业有着 更深的了解。

22、if you have already done so巴菲特十大名言, you may be better than the enterprise the management of the enterprise has a deeper understanding。

23、当一个经历辉煌的经营阶层遇到一个逐渐没落的夕阳工业,往往 是后者占了上风。

24、when an experience brilliant business class meet a gradual decline of the sunset industry, is often the latter has the upper hand。

25、通过定期投资于指数基金,那些门外汉投资者都可以获得超过多 数专业投资大师的业绩! 26、by regularly invest in index funds, the outsider investors can get more than most of the professional master”s performance! 27、在一个人们相信市场有效性的市场里投资,就像与某个被告知看 牌没有好处的人在一起打桥牌。

28、in a, people believed that the effectiveness of the market investment, like one and was told that the card is not good people together to play bridge。

29、在商业不景气时,我们散布谣言说,我们的糖果有着春药的功效, 这样非常有效。但谣言是谎言,而糖果则不然。

30、during the business depression, rumors spread that we, our candy have aphrodisiac effects, so is very effective。

but the rumor is a lie, and candy。推荐访问:

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